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Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh | Latest Information

Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh | Latest Information
Brand: Honda
Category: Bikes
  • Engine 162.71
  • Maximum Torque 13.9 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
  • Mileage (User) 59 KM/L (Approx)
  • Maximum Power 13.93 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
  • Top Speed 155 KM/H (Approx)
  • Curb Weight 140KG
  • Gears 5




Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh | Latest Information

Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh is 190,500 BDT. Honda, a brand inseparable from dependability and innovation, continues its heritage by introducing the Honda X Blade in Bangladesh. Pioneering the 160cc section, this bike stands apart with its cutting-edge highlights, vigorous plan, and noteworthy performance. In this thorough survey, we dive into the intricate subtleties of the Honda X Blade, exploring its elements, plan, engine ability, and general decision.

Detailed Specifications of Honda X Blade

Bike NameHonda X Blade
Bike CategorySports
Brand OriginJapan
Assemble/Made inBangladesh
TypeSingle-cylinder, air-cooled engine
Displacement (cc)162.71
Max Power13.93 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
Max Torque13.9 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Top Speed155 KM/H (Approx)
Mileage (Company)59 KM/L (Approx)
Mileage (User)45 KM/L (Approx)
Bore x Stroke57×63
Compression Ratio10:1
CoolingAir Cooled
Starting MethodElectric
ClutchWet multi-plate
Engine Oil
Engine Oil Grade10W-30 (Price List)
Dimension (LxWxH)2013x786x1115
Wheel Base (mm)1347
Ground Clearance (mm)160
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)12
Kerb Weight (KG)140
Suspension & Brakes
Suspension FrontTelescopic
Brake FrontDisc
Brake RearDrum
Wheel FrontAlloy
Wheel RearAlloy
Tyre Front
Tyre Rear
Extra Features
ColorMatte Marvel Blue Metallic, Matte Frozen Silver Metallic, Pearl Spartan Red, Pearl Igneous Black, Matte Marshal Green Metallic
PriceTk. 190,500
Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh

Honda X Blade Price Comparison in Different Regions of Bangladesh:

RegionPrice (Tk)

Highlights Outline of Honda X Blade :

  • First-in-class robo-face Drove headlamp for improved permeability and style.
  • Road tech advanced meter providing exhaustive ride information.
  • A double outlet suppressor enhances exhaust performance and an energetic feel.
  • The razor-edged Drove tail light uniquely appeals to the bicycle’s back profile.
  • Forceful etched tank configuration exuding certainty and dynamism.
  • A wide back tire with a hugger bumper ensures prevalent grasp and strength.
  • A 160cc solid engine delivers outstanding performance on each ride.
  • Awesome, get rail-enhancing traveler solace and style remainder.
  • Danger switch for added security during low permeability conditions.
  • Low maintenance seal chain ensuring life span and dependability.

Design Excellence:

The Honda X Blade flaunts an exceptional plan that flawlessly mixes style with usefulness. Every part of the plan exudes refinement and innovation, from the striking “Robo-Face” Drove front lamp to the razor-edged Drove T-molded tail light. The strong gas tank, painstakingly chiseled physique units, and sweet get rails add to its forceful position out and about. Moreover, the carefully planned compound haggles a variety of combinations to further raise its visual allure, making it a head-turner any place it goes.

Aspect and Honda X Blade Suspension:

Based on a solid precious stone sort undercarriage, the Honda X Blade exhibits noteworthy aspects upgraded for skill and strength. With a length of 2013 mm, width of 786 mm, and level of 1115 mm, it finds some harmony among mobility and presence out and about. The liberal ground freedom of 160 mm and wheelbase of 1347 mm guarantee sure handling in assorted riding conditions. Besides, the open 12-liter gas tank offers adequate reach for long rides while maintaining a reasonable, generally speaking, load of 140kg.

Engine Performance:

Powering the Honda X Blade is an imposing 162.71 cc HET single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, delivering an exhilarating performance on each choke curve. With a maximum power result of 13.93 BHP at 8,500 rpm and pinnacle torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,000 rpm, it easily overcomes metropolitan roads and open thruways. Engineered with Honda Eco-Innovation (HET), this force to be reckoned with guarantees ideal eco-friendliness without settling for less power conveyance. Outfitted with a 5-speed gearbox, the X Blade offers consistent speed increase and smooth stuff changes, enhancing the general riding experience.

Suspensions and Brakes:

The Honda X Blade focuses on rider safety with its high-level suspension and braking framework. Featuring adjustable front suspension and mono-shock back suspension, it ingests knocks and undulations effortlessly, ensuring an extravagant ride quality for both rider and pillion. While the shortfall of CBS or ABS is a downside, the combination of front circle and back drum brakes convey solid stopping power, instilling trust in each braking move. The 276 mm front circle and 130mm back drum brakes offer exact control and responsive braking performance, enhancing, by and large, safety out and about.

Tires and Honda X Blade Wheels:

Intended for ideal grasp and solidness, the Honda X Blade comes outfitted with 5-step combination haggles tires on the two closures. The more extensive back tire, combined with the hugger bumper, upgrade footing and cornering capacities, inspiring certainty during vivacious rides. With an 80/100-17 tubeless tire at the front and 130/70-17 tubeless tire at the back, the X Blade guarantees prevalent handling and dependability across different street conditions, making it a flexible ally for metropolitan drives and end-of-the-week excursions the same.

Meter Board and Electricals:

The X Blade includes a cutting-edge, all-computerized instrument board, initially providing riders with complete ride information. From RPM meter to outfit indicator, speedometer to clock, and fuel check to trip meters, each fundamental measurement has the most extreme clarity and accuracy. The road tech computerized meter adds a dash of refinement to the cockpit, enhancing the general riding experience. Moreover, the inclusion of a risk light guarantees permeability and security during unfriendly weather patterns, further augmenting the X Blade’s allure as a component stuffed worker buddy. Fueled by a 12V 4Ah (MF) battery, the electrical framework guarantees solid performance, enabling riders to set out on essential excursions with certainty and inner harmony.

Pros of Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh:

  • Innovative design: The Honda X Blade flaunts a modern plan with striking highlights, such as the robot-face Drove headlamp and razor-edged Drove tail light, which set it apart from its rivals and enhances its visual allure.
  • Strong Engine: Outfitted with a vigorous 162.71 cc HET single-cylinder engine, the X Blade conveys excellent performance with a maximum power result of 13.93 BHP and a top torque of 13.9 Nm, ensuring exhilarating rides on different terrains.
  • High-level features: With an extensive set of highlights, including a road tech computerized meter, risk switch, and excellent snatch rail, the X Blade offers comfort, safety, wellbeing, and style, catering to the evolving needs of current riders.
  • Agreeable Ride: The adjustable front suspension and mono-shock back suspension give a rich and pleasant ride, while the wide back tire with hugger bumper guarantees predominant grasp and solidness, enhancing rider certainty out and about.
  • Eco-friendliness: Engineered with Honda Eco-Innovation (HET), the X Blade offers excellent eco-friendliness without settling on performance, making it an optimal decision for commuting and long rides.
Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh

Cons of Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh:

  • Absence of Cutting-Edge Braking Innovation: Notwithstanding its noteworthy highlights, the shortfall of cutting-edge braking innovation, for example, CBS or ABS, is a downside, particularly considering the increasing accentuation on security highlights in current cruisers.
  • Restricted Variety Choices: While the X Blade flaunts a stunning plan, its restricted variety choices might disappoint a few riders, possibly limiting customization and personalization decisions.
  • Exorbitant cost Tag: With a price tag of Tk 190,500.00 in Bangladesh, the Honda X Blade might be generally expensive compared with different bikes in the 160cc portion, possibly deterring price-cognizant purchasers from considering it as their top decision.
  • Normal Ground Freedom: Notwithstanding its generally noteworthy aspects, the X Blade’s ground leeway of 160 mm might be considered normal, possibly limiting its rough terrain capacities and mobility in harsh terrain conditions.
  • Restricted Accessibility of Extra Parts: While Honda is known for its unwavering quality and strength, some riders might confront difficulties in sourcing spare parts and maintenance administrations for the X Blade, especially in remote or immature regions, affecting its lengthy possession experience.

Ideas and Tips for Honda X Blade Proprietors and Riders:

  • Regular Maintenance: To guarantee your Honda X Blade’s ideal performance and life span, stick to the maker’s suggested maintenance plan. Consistently servicing your bicycle, including oil changes, channel substitutions, and brake inspections, will help prevent mechanical issues and keep your ride running smoothly.
  • Appropriate Tire Care: Check your tire pressure routinely and maintain it within the prescribed range to guarantee ideal grip, steadiness, and eco-friendliness. Inspect your tires’ track depth and state occasionally and replace them whenever broken down or damaged to ensure safe riding.
  • Braking Strategy: While the X Blade has dependable frameworks, rehearsing legitimate braking methods for ideal control and safety is fundamental. Step by step, both front and back brakes are applied smoothly and controlled, particularly during crises or dangerous street conditions.
  • Riding Stuff: Invest in top-notch riding gear, including a Dab-endorsed head protector, riding coat, gloves, and boots, to guarantee your safety and security in mishaps or falls. Wearing appropriate gear improves your security and gives you solace and certainty while riding.
  • Fuel The executives: Screen your fuel utilization and adopt eco-friendly riding propensities, such as maintaining a consistent speed, avoiding unexpected speed increases and decelerations, and minimizing idling time. Also, consider using great fuel from respectable stations to advance engine performance and eco-friendliness.
  • Upgraded Perceivability: Install extra security elements like intelligent stickers, Drove auxiliary lights, and high-permeability to improve your permeability to other street clients, particularly during low-light circumstances or unfriendly climates.
  • Expertise Upgrade: Continue to develop your riding abilities by attending progressed riding courses, practicing protective riding procedures, and familiarizing yourself with neighborhood traffic guidelines and street conditions. Enhancing your riding abilities improves your security and general riding experience.
  • Customization Choices: Explore customization choices to make your Honda X Blade interestingly yours. Consider adding frills, such as tank cushions, handlebar grasps, and seat covers, to improve solace and style and reflect your character and inclinations.
  • Local area Commitment:¬†Draw in with individual Honda X Blade proprietors and riders through online gatherings, web-based entertainment gatherings, and nearby riding clubs. Sharing experiences, tips, and insights with different lovers can enhance your possession experience and encourage a feeling of brotherhood within the local riding area.

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Security First:

  1. Focus on your safety and the security of others out and about consistently.
  2. Comply with transit regulations, wear defensive stuff, and ride protectively to minimize the gamble of mishaps and guarantee a protected and pleasant riding experience for you and individual street clients. Remember
  3. , security is the principal, and dependable riding is vital to maximizing the joy of motorcycling.


Overall, the Honda X Blade sets another benchmark in the 160cc cruiser fragment, combining style, performance, and dependability in a single bundle. Its cutting-edge plan, strong engine, and high-level elements make it a compelling decision for riders seeking an exhilarating yet commonsense riding experience. While the shortfall of cutting-edge braking innovation might raise a few worries, the general bundle presented by the X Blade more than makes up for it. Whether navigating through bustling city roads or embarking on thrilling experiences, the Honda X Blade ends up being a commendable friend, reaffirming Honda’s obligation to excellence in the bike industry.


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