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TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh | Latest Information

TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh | Latest Information
Brand: TVS
Category: Bikes
  • Engine 109.70
  • Maximum Torque 8.70 NM
  • Mileage (User) 55 Kmpl
  • Maximum Power 8.29 BHP or 8.4 PS @7500 rpm
  • Top Speed 80 Kmph
  • Curb Weight 113 Kg
  • Gears 4




TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh

TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh starting at 1,28,990 Taka and TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh is 1175.84. This bicycle has won the hearts of numerous riders with its great style and Perfomrance.

Prepare for an exciting ride on the TVS Metro Plus in Bangladesh! We should plunge into all of the cool insights concerning the TVS Metro Plus, from what it resembles to its cost.

Meet the TVS Metro Plus Single Circle: A Strong Bicycle

Here are the significant subtleties:

  • Model: TVS Metro Plus
  • Price in Bangladesh: 1,28,990 Taka
  • Colours: Dark Red and Dark Blue
  • Engine Power: 8.4 PS @ 7,500 RPM
  • Engine Force: 8.7 Nm @ 5,000 RPM
  • Mileage: 60 KM/L

TVS Metro Plus price across different cities in Bangladesh:

CityTVS Metro Plus Price (Taka)
Cox’s Bazar1,21,990

TVS Metro Plus in different countries:

CountryTVS Metro Plus Price (Equivalent in Local Currency)
NepalNPR 1,82,500
Sri LankaLKR 319,000
PakistanPKR 216,000
MyanmarMMK 2,280,000
BhutanBTN 123,000
MaldivesMVR 21,500
ThailandTHB 38,500
VietnamVND 36,500,000
CambodiaKHR 4,900,000
TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh

Look at the Cool Design:

The TVS Metro Plus is 1,980 mm long, 750 mm wide, and 1,105 mm tall. It stands out and about with a 10-litre gas tank (plus an additional 2 litres for good measure). The Border Edge skeleton keeps it consistent, and the front Adaptive Pressure-driven Forks and back Twin shocks guarantee a smooth ride.

Colors OF TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh That Pop:

You can browse two magnificent tones – Dark Red and Dark Blue.

Riding Comfort and Safety:

The TVS Metro Plus has great brakes and tyres to guard you:

  • Front: 110 mm drum brake with a 2.75 x 17 – 4 utilize rating tyre
  • Back: 110 mm drum brake with a 3.00 x 17 – 6 utilize rating tyre

Power Released:

The engine is an area of strength for a cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled flash start. It can reach a maximum velocity of 95 km/h and is eco-friendly at 60 km for every litre.

The amount Does It Cost?

You can have a great time for only 1,28,990 Tk. It’s an extraordinary arrangement for a wonderful riding experience.

Why Pick TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh?

  • It’s well known in Bangladesh.
  • It looks cool with dynamic tones.
  • It’s eco-friendly, going 60 km on only one litre.
  • The engine is solid.

Taking everything into account:

The TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh is the go-to decision for cruiser sweethearts in Bangladesh. It has the ideal blend of style, power, and a well-disposed price tag. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to raise a ruckus around town street with the TVS Metro Plus – your pass to an amazing riding experience! 🏍️✨

Pros and cons OF TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh


  • Fuel Saver Miracle: The TVS Metro Plus is like a hero when it comes to saving fuel. It’s ideally suited for your regular excursions and those astonishing long rides. Imagine going 60 kilometres on only one litre of fuel—it’s like sorcery! Besides saving you money, it likewise gives Mother Earth a high-five.
  • Stylish Swagger: This bicycle doesn’t simply ride; it swaggers! Picture this: a bike so cool that individuals out and about can’t resist the urge to gaze. Furthermore, prepare to be blown away. You get to pick between two magnificent varieties – Dark Red or Dark Blue – making your ride however exceptional as you seem to be.
  • Budget Buddy: The TVS Metro Plus is your pocket-accommodating buddy. At 1,28,990 Tk, it is an incredible arrangement for those who need a blend of style and execution without burning through every last dollar. Thus, you get a phenomenal bicycle without purging your wallet!
  • Dependable Roarer: Capacity to the riders! This bicycle’s 109.7 cc motor resembles a smaller-than-expected monster prepared to overcome any street. Plus, the 4-Speed Manual Stuff framework guarantees your ride is as smooth as spread—responsive and consistently in charge.
  • Cool Youngster on the Block: Everyone’s discussing it! In Bangladesh, the TVS Metro Plus is like the main feature of bicycles. Individuals love it for its dependability and amazing looks. It’s not only a bicycle; it’s an image of trust for all the bicycle sweethearts out there.

Cons of TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh:

  • Colour Crunch: While the varieties accessible are cool, there’s not a rainbow to browse. A few people want additional choices to match their style.
  • Simple: This bicycle keeps it straightforward and sweet. It’s perfect for your wallet; however, if you’re into extravagant devices and doohickeys, you could pass up a major opportunity. It resembles having a fundamental telephone when you’re encircled by cell phones.
  • Need for Speed? Not Here: Wait just a minute! The TVS Metro Plus can’t break the sound wall. It goes a strong 95 kilometres each hour – great for a chill ride, but not so much for those craving a requirement for speed. Remember that assuming you’re about the fast track.
  • Parts Chase: Depending on where you reside, finding spare parts may resemble an expedition. Before you plunge into purchasing, ensure you can easily snatch what you really want to keep your ride in excellent condition. Try not to let the absence of parts be a bummer!
  • Seat Story: Short rides? Don’t worry about it! Yet, if you’re intending to raise a ruckus around town for some time, you might want a comfier seat. It resembles having a comfortable couch at home versus a wooden seat—you’ll feel the distinction on those more extended ventures.

You must checkout its competitor like Bajaj Discover 100 Price in Bangladesh.

TVS Metro Plus Price in Bangladesh

Hello, magnificent TVS Metro Plus owners! 🚲✨ Prepared to shake the street with your astonishing bicycle?

Here are a few very cool tips to ensure you and your Metro Plus have the best time of all time:
  • Show Your Bicycle Some Adoration: Treat your bicycle like a rockstar! Give it standard check-ups for things like oil, brakes, and tires. It resembles giving your bicycle a spa day—it keeps it cheerful and performing like an old pro.
  • Get Settled on the Seat: Change your bicycle’s seat and handlebars for that perfect balance. It would help if you felt like a hero riding toward the distant horizon, not a drained penguin. Solace = amazing rides!
  • Take a look at Those tyres: Your tyres resemble the shoes for your bicycle. Keep them siphoned up and with great tracks. It’s not just about looking cool; it assists with gas mileage and guards you on the exciting bends in the road.
  • Fuel Up with Great Stuff: Just as you wouldn’t take care of your bike bizarre stuff, don’t give your bicycle awful fuel. Utilize the great stuff to keep that motor murmuring like a substance kitty.
  • Smooth Moves with Cog Wheels: Careful discipline brings about promising results, particularly with changing gears. Smooth movements equal better gas mileage and a ride so sweet it’ll make you grin.
  • Turn into a Brake Expert: Know your brakes inside and out. It’s like having a hero power – knowing when to stop in a very small space protects you and your bicycle.
  • Celebrity Stopping for Your Ride: Deal with your Metro Plus-like eminence. Get a cool bicycle cover to protect it from the components. Furthermore, remember to stop it in a protected spot, similar to a palace for your two-wheeled knight!
  • Realize the Street Rules: Be the superhuman of the street by observing traffic guidelines. It’s not just about being cool; it’s tied in with being protected and taking the scenery calmly.
  • Join the Bicycle Crew: Interact with other Metro Plus riders! It resembles joining a carefully guarded club of magnificent individuals who offer tips and stories. You could try to make deep-rooted trekking amigos.
  • Overhaul Like an Ace: On the off chance that you’re considering pimping your ride, talk with the specialists. It resembles giving your bicycle a makeover from the experts – protected, cool, nevertheless covered by guarantee.


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