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  4. Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh | Latest information

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh | Latest information

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh | Latest information
Brand: Yamaha
Category: Bikes
  • Engine 150CC
  • Maximum Torque 13.3 N.m (1.4 kg f.m) at 5,500 r/min
  • Mileage (User) 46 Kmpl
  • Maximum Power 9.1 kW (12.4PS) at 7,250 r/min
  • Top Speed 135 Kmph
  • Curb Weight 136KG
  • Gears 5 gears




Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh, Features, and Performance

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh is BDT 360,000. In 2024, Yamaha lovers in Bangladesh were excited as the Yamaha FZS V4 launched into the market. 

The Yamaha FZS V4 combines style, performance, and reliability. We should investigate the subtleties to uncover whether it is a champion decision for riders across Bangladesh.

Full Specifications at a Glance

For the well-informed riders, here’s a quick overview of the Yamaha FZS V4’s specifications:

  • Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
  • Engine Displacement: 149 cc
  • Max Power: 9.1 kW (12.4PS) at 7,250 r/min
  • Max Torque: 13.3 N.m (1.4 kg f.m) at 5,500 r/min
  • Transmission: 5-speed gearbox
  • Fuel Framework: Fuel Injection
  • Suspension: Adaptive Fork (Front), 7-Step Movable Monocross Suspension (Back)
  • Brakes: Circle (Front and Back) with ABS
  • Mileage: 46 Kmpl
  • Maximum Speed: 135 Kmph
  • Battery Type: Sans maintenance (MF)
  • Weight: 136 kg
  • Colors: Racing Blue, Metallic Dark, Magnificence Red, Matte Dark

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh

The Yamaha FZS V4’s price tag is BDT 360,000, making it good choice for riders seeking premium quality at a sensible price point. This motorcycle demonstrates Yamaha’s obligation to offer better performance without breaking the bank.

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Different Regions of Bangladesh:

RegionPrice (BDT)

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Different Countries:

CountryPrice (USD)Price (EUR)Price (GBP)
Sri Lanka$4,300€3,800£3,300

Engine Power and Performance

At the core of the Yamaha FZS V4 lies a vigorous 149.00 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve engine. With a most extreme power result of 9.1 kW (12.4PS) at 7,250 r/min and a torque of 13.3 N.m (1.4 kg f.m) at 5,500 r/min, this motorcycle performs better on each ride. The 5-speed gearbox guarantees smooth transmission, allowing riders to vanquish city roads and interstates easily.

Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh

Mileage and Productivity

Yamaha highly esteems engineering motorbikes that offer great eco-friendliness, and the FZS V4 is no exception. With a guaranteed mileage of 46.00 Kmpl, riders can enjoy long rides without worrying about successive refueling stops. This makes the Yamaha FZS V4 strong and affordable, catering to the reasonable necessities of riders in Bangladesh.

Design and Colors Choices

The Yamaha FZS V4 flaunts a smooth and decent design that turns heads any place it goes. Available in four energetic variety choices—Racing Blue, Metallic Dark, Magnificence Red, and Matte Dark—riders can pick a style that mirrors their character. The meticulousness in the design guarantees that the FZS V4 performs outstandingly and looks better out and about.

Top Speed and Safety Features

With a maximum velocity of 135 Kmph, the Yamaha FZS V4 guarantees an better-filled riding experience. Security is central, and Yamaha has outfitted this motorcycle with highlights like single-channel ABS, ensuring ideal control and soundness even in challenging street conditions. The front adaptive fork and 7-step customizable motocross suspension give a smooth and agreeable ride, whether navigating city traffic or cruising on the parkway.

Extra Features of Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh

Notwithstanding the above features, the Yamaha FZS V4 has elements such as a Driving headlamp, turn light, tail light, computerized speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, clock, fuel indicator, and programmed headlamp. An automated display upgrades the general riding experience, providing riders with fundamental information at their fingertips.

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FZS V4 with two similar motorcycles available in Bangladesh:

Motorcycle ModelEngine SizePrice (BDT)Key Features
Yamaha FZS V4149cc3,60,000VVA Technology, LED Headlamp, Digital Instrument Cluster
Honda CB Hornet 160R162.71cc৳295,000ABS, LED Headlamp, Digital Instrument Cluster
Suzuki Gixxer SF155cc৳305,000FI Technology, LED Tail Lamp, Clip-on Handlebars

Pros of Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh:

  • Strong Engine: The Yamaha FZS V4 flaunts an intense 149 cc engine that conveys great power and force, making it ideal for city commuting and long rides.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Despite its strong presentation, the FZS V4 maintains great Fuel Efficiency, offering a mileage of 46 Kmpl. This makes it a financially savvy decision for riders who focus on mileage.
  • Stylish Design: With its smooth and energetic plan, the FZS V4 oozes style and refinement. The accessibility of four lively variety choices permits riders to pick a bicycle that matches their taste and inclination.
  • High-level Features: Yamaha has furnished the FZS V4 with cutting-edge highlights, such as a Drove headlamp, turn light, tail light, computerized speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, and fuel indicator. These elements improve permeability, accommodation, and overall riding experience.
  • Comfortable Ride: The front adjustable fork and 7-step customizable motocross suspension guarantee a smooth and agreeable ride, absorbing knocks and vibrations from the street surface. The ergonomically planned seat and handlebar give ideal solace to riders during long excursions.
  • Safety Features: Security is vital, and the FZS V4 comes outfitted with single-channel ABS, ensuring upgraded braking performance and soundness during unexpected stops or elusive street conditions. This component instills trust in riders, allowing them to ride with genuine serenity.

Cons of Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh:

  • Limited Storage Space: While the FZS V4 succeeds in performance and style, it needs more than adequate extra room for carrying individual belongings or baggage. Riders might have to invest in extra adornments or capacity answers for longer rides.
  • Weight: At 136 kg, the FZS V4 might feel marginally heavier for certain riders, particularly while maneuvering in restricted spaces or parking regions. However, its even plan makes up for the weight, ensuring the soundness and control out and about.
  • Price: While the Yamaha FZS V4 offers brilliant incentives for cash considering its elements and performance, a few riders might find the initial investment of BDT 3,60,000 generally high contrasted with different models on the lookout. Nonetheless, the drawn-out advantages and unwavering quality of Yamaha bikes legitimize the expense for some riders.
  • Single-Channel ABS: While including single-channel ABS improves well-being and braking performance, a few riders might incline toward double-channel ABS for extra control and solidness, particularly during forceful braking moves or crisis circumstances.
  • Restricted Variety Choices: Although the Yamaha FZS V4 is available in four exciting variety choices, some riders might want more assortment or customization choices to suit their inclinations and style.
Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh

Ideas and Tips for Yamaha FZS V4 Riders:

Regular Maintenance: To guarantee the ideal performance and life span of your Yamaha FZS V4, it’s fundamental to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plans. This includes scheduled oil changes, channel substitutions, and routine inspections of key parts like brakes, tires, and suspension.

Proper Tire Care:

  1. Maintain the suggested tire pressure and inspect your tires consistently for mileage indications.
  2. Replace broken-down tires immediately to guarantee ideal footing, strength, and security out and about.
  3. Then, consider investing in excellent, tubeless tires for improved sturdiness and reduced opposition.

Braking Strategy: Learn more about your Yamaha FZS V4’s braking arrangement and practice appropriate braking methods, particularly while riding in challenging street conditions or weighty traffic. Use both front and back brakes successfully, and avoid unexpected or brutal braking moves to forestall skidding or loss of control.

Riding Gear: Invest in great riding gear, including a Spot-supported cap, defensive riding coat, gloves, jeans, and boots. Wearing fitting stuff improves security and gives solace and insurance against unanticipated mishaps or street risks.

Riding Stance:

  1. Maintain a legitimate riding stance to minimize weakness and inconvenience during long rides.
  2. Sit upstanding with a straight back, elbows loose, and feet immovably planted on the footpegs.
  3. Abstain from slouching or leaning exorbitantly, as this can strain your muscles and influence your command over the bicycle.

Riding Environment:

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings and adjust your riding style accordingly.
  2. Remain alert for potential risks like potholes, garbage, and whimsical drivers.
  3. Maintain a protected following separation from different vehicles and expect the traffic stream to respond expeditiously to changing street conditions.

Expertise Advancement: Continuously develop your riding abilities through training, schooling, and training. Consider enrolling in bike wellbeing courses or high-level riding clinics to improve your insight and capability in handling your Yamaha FZS V4 with certainty and accuracy.

Responsible Riding: Follow mindful riding routines, including obeying transit regulations, speed cutoff points, and street signs. Be affable to other street clients and avoid forceful or crazy behavior that might imperil yourself or others. Remember that security ought to continuously be your main concern on each ride.

Conclusion of Yamaha FZS V4 Price in Bangladesh

The Yamaha FZS V4 remains a demonstration of Yamaha’s obligation to greatness in engineering and planning. With its strong engine, striking feel, and high-level elements, this bicycle redefines the riding experience in Bangladesh. Whether you’re a carefully prepared rider or a novice to the universe of bikes, the Yamaha FZS V4 dazzles with its presentation, dependability, and sheer elation out and about. Experience the excitement of riding more than ever with the Yamaha FZS V4.


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